Lucien Elements is rapidly expanding across the globe. Our consistent innovations and irresistibly captivating style have captured the attention of consumers worldwide. If you would like to be a part of Lucien's global network, please fill in the inquiry form below. After evaluating your company profile, you will receive a 6-digit access code via email. The access code will allow you to enter our distributor area where you can view our press kit, high-resolution visuals and other resources.



    My name is Sébastien Laurent and I am the International Sales Manager at Lucien Elements. It will be my pleasure to facilitate the business between our companies henceforth.

    You can contact me directly at for any inquiries, orders or general correspondence.

    Allow me to introduce to you our brand.

    L U C I E N E L E M E N T S

    Lucien's mission is to transform personal technology into beautiful and distinctive forms of elegant self-expression.

    Lucien is proud to present the IS3 (Interlocking Stone Setting Solution), a revolutionary patent pending innovation that will change the jewelry world forever. The Lucien IS3 utilizes precision crafted interlocking parts to embed and lock in crystals securely instead of the imperfect adhesion of crystals by glue. With the unprecedented crystal lock-in that the IS3 has made possible, Lucien now boasts unmatched and unrivaled crystal stability.

    Focusing on high-end, Swarovski-embedded luxury iPhone cases, Lucien dreams, conjures, and materializes high-quality fashion accessories for personal mobile devices. With each case using only the highest quality materials, these jewelry-grade products completely transform such devices into works of art and fashion that capture the attention and imagination of all those around them. Lucien's products also include special design features that enable users greater and greater customization over time, making their mobile devices not only beautiful, but also unique.

    Lucien provides you with a product that sustains the class and brand image of your company while providing your resellers and end-customers with a quality product unlike any other.

    Please download our latest Catalog, Product Visuals, and MSRP Pricing sheet from the LUCIEN PRESS KIT link to the left. Please note that the pricing sheet shows the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), and NOT the cost. Your cost/margin will depend on the volume of your order.

    Lucien has just launched in major global markets including the US, the UK, and Japan. I believe that this is a most advantageous time to introduce Lucien Elements to your distribution network.

    I look forward to sharing great success with you.

    Sébastien Laurent

    International Sales Manager
  • The Lucien Press Kit includes an overview of our brand, our CEO's profile, our product pricing and visuals. For any
    questions or comments you might have, please feel free to write to to contact our International
    Sales Manager.

  • We here at Lucien are always looking for distributors and resellers who share our vision of personified luxury and unparalleled style. Please feel free to contact our International Sales Manager for any orders, inquiries, feedback or general correspondence via the email address below.

    Sébastien Laurent

    International Sales Manager